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26 May 2008

Laskar Pelangi

This book was written by Andrea Hirata Seman, and some people think that this book is telling about Andrea childhood so it can be categorize as an autobiography of him. I’m sure many people have falling in love with this book, and a movie has just planed to be made bas on this book because of the lovely story and popularity of this book.

I falling in love instantly when I was just read the first chapter of the book, so although I am very very busy now (which is why I rarely wrote a review now) I take some of my time to write this review. The book is just too good to be ignored, and I want to share it with all of you and the whole world if I can.

The book telling a story about the childhood of ten young Malay race children (the last one is a girl named flo who join after several story has past), and one Chinese child in Belitong ( ) all of them has a different story and personality but they all have the same condition in live that is poverty. They all join together in a Muhamadiyah school (a poor school in a poor village of Belitong).

Since the first day in the school all of them has bond with a story, the school is in a threshold to be closed down if they can not collect 10 or more student, meanwhile in tit there was just only 9 children, then suddenly a child named Harun at the age of 15th with mentally disorder (retarded), and Harun has just solve the school problem by accepting 10 student in that time :D

Since that time the entire 10 student has join together in a lifetime bonding and make a group of “LASKAR PELANGI” (Army of the rainbow). Ikal (the main character), Lintang (the science genius boy), Mahar (the art genius boy), A kiong (the kind heart Chinese boy), Syahdan (who wants to be an actor), Kucai (the head of the class for all the time), Borek a.k.a Samson (the muscle boy), Trapani ( the handsome boy who can not be apart from her mother to long, later on he was diagnose as “heavy mother complex”), and Sahara (the only girl in the group before Flo come). The laskar pelangi all have a deep fondness to pelangi (rainbow) and every time after raining they all get together in a filicium tree and stared on the rainbow with story from the art master Mahar.

All of their childhood is full with happiness although poverty was always be around them, but they manage to find their happiness in it, with high educational spirit they all fight for their future and hoping it will be better than the present that they live on.

Their struggle in live has bring a new spirit for me too as I read this book, and I suddenly feel that my live is so much more full of graceful compared to their childhood and it makes me realize to thank God for the blessing.

A very full of inspiration book. Hope it will be translate to English so everybody in the world have bigger chance to read it. A must read for all of you who need a light in your life, and share it if you can to the others..

16 March 2008

P.S. I love you

I categorize this one as heavy chick lit because of the deep story in it. This sweet novel was written by Cecelia Ahern the daughter of Ireland prime minister. Telling a story about a wife life after her husband pass away in young age of married. First Publish in 2004 and now a movie recently has been made with based on this novel staring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.

The book main character is Holly, she is very devoted to her husband named Gerry, unfortunately because she based her life happiness to her husband she becomes very dependence to him. and when her husband pass away Holly felt like she lost her grip in live.

In the age of 30 Holly still have not find what she searching for in her life. after Gerry died she even questioning how can she move on with her life. Then one day Holly's mother gave her an enveloped that fulls with Gerry's message. It contain all the list that Holly have to do and it has to be opened once a month. Gerry message was so sweet that in every end note of the message he always write "p.s. I love you". With that Holly tries to continue her live and move on with Gerry guidance through the message step by step every month.

This novel was so enchanting and have a deep feeling in it. I have to stop reading it every few pages to wipe my tears then continue to reading it again. A very sweet, loveable novel that makes us understand what strong love could be. Two thumbs up for Cecelia Ahern for this book.


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